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Even though school may not be in session, that shouldn't mean that AAC learning can't continue at home.

The Center for AAC & Autism offers resources for clinicians, including webinars. A comprehensive list of our offerings are included below.

Webinar: AAC in the Home Parent Guide

This webinar, led by John Halloran, M.S., CCC-SLP, offers tips and strategies to help parents, caregivers and others keep kids using LAMP Words for Life® engaged and growing their language skills.

Watch the webinar, and follow along by downloading the associated PowerPoint (below).

PowerPoint Presentation

Download the PowerPoint presentation that John uses throughout the webinar.

Other Webinars

The Center for AAC & Autism offers an annual webinar series with information of interest to parents, caregivers, educators and clinicians using LAMP.

View previous years' presentations and download handouts to incorporate into your practice of AAC and LAMP. Fill out the form below to access materials - and sign up for our mailing list!

Fill out the following form to gain access to the videos and handouts: