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AAC TeleTips

link to AACTeleTips.comTeleworking? PRC-Saltillo offers a wealth of resources to make online AAC evaluations and therapy as easy as possible. AAC TeleTips provides videos, documents, technology tips and more to help you make the transition to online as seamless as possible.

Learn more about what PRC-Saltillo and AAC TeleTips have to offer.

Using a Device in the Classroom

Teachers and aids play an important role in teaching language and encouraging communication. During a school day, they spend a lot of hours with a child in an environment rich for learning language, knowledge and social skills.

To assist educators in working with a device user in their classroom, the Center for AAC & Autism has assembled a list of tips, hints and ideas to help both the student…and the educator.

  Download the PDF

Using a Device in the Home

Parents have a unique opportunity to teach language in natural situations. As a parent, you are the constant in your child's life. Schools, therapists, and teachers may change, but you are always there.

To assist parents in helping their child learn and grow using their device, the Center for AAC & Autism has assembled a list of tips, hints and ideas for them, as well, to help both parents and child continue to communicate – and grow as a family.

  Download the PDF

Resources for LAMP™: Core Word of the Week

Core vocabulary refers to the small number of words that make up >70-90% of what we say on a daily basis. Core vocabulary is powerful because it allows communicators to express a wide variety of concepts with a very small number of words relevant across contexts. The LAMP approach emphasizes the use of core vocabulary along with fringe vocabulary that is important to the individual. The ability to produce core words aids in the auditory processing of those core words when listening to others.

This documents provides some activity suggestions for teaching core words to emergent communicators. A visual screen shot illustrating the motor movement to say each targeted core word is provided next to each core word to guide modeling of the motor pattern.

  Download the PDF

Resources for LAMP: The Language System

Based on the Unity® language system licensed exclusively by Prentke Romich Co., the LAMP Words for Life® language system was specifically designed to meet the needs of non-verbal individuals with autism while supporting the components of the LAMP approach.

It's available as an iPad app and on insurance/Medicaid-fundable PRC dedicated devices.

LAMP Words for Life Home Screen Wall Chart

Print and enlarge a picture of the Words for Life home screen for modeling in the classroom.

  Download the PDF

LAMP Words for Life Screen Shots

  Word labels modeling the motor plan

LAMP Words for Life Home Screen Icons

  Download symbols

The Center for AAC & Autism on Facebook

At the Center for AAC & Autism, we are dedicated to building awareness of the power of AAC to change the lives of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, who are challenged by limited spontaneous communication skills.

We encourage parents, clinicians and others to share their stories, to learn and grow from one another. Join us on Facebook and be a part of our community. Share your stories of success and of hope, and help support others in their journey.