The Center for AAC and Autism

LAMP Certification

The LAMP Certification and Centers of Excellence programs have been designed for the development and recognition of LAMP competencies. The program is designed for licensed and credentialed professionals from different disciplines (such as speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, and psychologists) who apply LAMP principles and practices in their existing areas of expertise and specialization in working with children with limited verbal speech.

Acquisition of the Certificate is based on demonstration of clinical or educational competencies through case presentations, tutoring, and advanced training.

Please understand that the LAMP certification and Center of Excellence programs are developing programs responsive to the educational needs of its candidates. The Center for AAC & Autism reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to alter, amend, expand or otherwise modify the requirements for these programs, at any time, without notice. The determination as to a candidate's successful completion of the program requirements will be solely that of The Center for AAC & Autism.

The purpose of designation as a LAMP Certified Professional or LAMP Centers of Excellence is to identify professionals who have demonstrated the ability to skillfully apply LAMP in their clinical practice. It is not meant to limit those professionals and facilities in the treatment methods they choose to incorporate into their practice.

Employees, contractors, or agents of companies who manufacture, sell, or distribute AAC devices and materials are not eligible for the LAMP certification program. LAMP certified professionals who contract with the Center for AAC & Autism to give LAMP presentations will be able to maintain their certification.