The Center for AAC and Autism

Information for Therapists

  • "I came with a parent and this was a terrific presentation for her. It really covered some basics of communication that gave great insight into language development."

    Mary Nel, SLP

    Loveland, CO

Things to Consider

The "C" in AAC stands for communication! Non-verbal individuals need a way to fully communicate; not just participate in an activity here and there, not just express basic needs, not just understand what they are supposed to do next.

It takes a long time to learn a language and be fully competent; it also takes time to learn an AAC system and be competent. Don't look for quick fixes with systems that offer a limited future.

"When we talk about communication, we are talking about peoples' lives, no less than that - so there really are no degrees of freedom. If we get it wrong, if we miss the boat - people drown" (Mirenda, 2008)

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