The Center for AAC and Autism

Information for Parents

  • "We are constantly saying, 'He's frustrated...he needs a way to communicate what he wants...' but after seeing some of the videos it is clear - and sad, that these children have thoughts - sentences - locked in their brain, desperate to get out."

    Linda Smith, Parent

    Andour, MN

Advocating For Your Child

The most common concern heard from parents when an AAC device is suggested is: Will it keep my child from talking?

Reviews of published studies have found that AAC in general, and the use of speech-generating devices in particular, have a positive effect on speech production. There were no reports of decreases in speech production (Millar, Light, and Schlosser, 2006), (Schlosser and Wendt, 2008).

Even if using a voice output device had no effect on the acquisition of verbal speech, there remain a multitude of reasons for giving your child a way to express himself. Giving children a way to communicate allows them to become active participants in language development and learning in general. A method of communication allows them to be more engaged socially, decreases frustration and aberrant behaviors, and allows others to see your child's true potential!

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