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UK LAMP Certification for Individuals


To develop and recognize LAMP competencies in individual practitioners


Licensed and credentialed professionals from different disciplines who apply LAMP principles and practices in their existing area of expertise. (Such as speech/language therapist, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists, etc.)


  • improved outcomes for clients
  • to gain extended knowledge of the LAMP principles and practices within their existing areas of expertise
  • improved knowledge and skills within the area of AAC and autism
  • continuing professional development skills
  • supporting data collection of clients in the UK using this approach
  • access to support network of other professionals working with the LAMP approach.


Attendance at a one- or two-day Center for AAC & Autism sponsored LAMP workshop is required prior to applying for the certification program.


There is an application fee of £300 to enroll and participate in the certification program. All expenses incurred in completing requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.


Acquisition of certification is based on demonstration of clinical or educational competencies through case presentations, written and videotaped.

  1. Register by downloading the registration form and mailing it to The Center of AAC & Autism along with your application fee. You will receive a packet of information outlining the process along with releases for case studies
  2. Demonstrate competencies through narrative and video presentations. Certificates are awarded at the sole discretion of the Center for AAC & Autism based on demonstration of educational and clinical competencies. Mentoring will be available during the certification process.

    Participants will identify one or more student(s) who would benefit from the LAMP approach and collect written and video data over a period of at least 3 months. This will include:

    • Filling in an initial proforma for each student. This will incorporate elements of biographical information, health and physical information, communication and other behaviour information.
    • A loan of a device will be provided for an extended period of 12 months’ time.
    • Videoing a random sample of 3 sessions (one per month), gaining parental support to share these videos and ensure a secure way of sharing these videos is in place. These videos will need to be shared with the LAMP trainers and will be followed by a clinical discussion/support session via an appropriate medium. This may be email, Skype, etc. The structure for reviewing the videos will be broken down into identification of the 5 key elements and will include written documentation.
    • After 3 months, complete an evaluation form regarding the trial and future steps

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