The Center for AAC and Autism


What are people saying about AAC and Autism?
  • "We are constantly saying, 'He's frustrated...he needs a way to communicate what he wants...' but after seeing some of the videos it is clear - and sad, that these children have thoughts - sentences - locked in their brain, desperate to get out."

    Linda Smith, Parent

    Andour, MN

  • "I learned the concept that using the device can be a simplification of what speech is - a complex motor pattern that is unique for each word - so that language development can proceed as in speech - learning new words and combining them."

    Karen Darby Davila, SLP

    San Antonio, TX

  • "As a parent to an autistic child, I truly didn't realize until this workshop, that" the key to "using an AAC and promoting communication is consistent motor planning - not recognizing or memorizing the icon pictures."

    Marie McGovern, Parent

    Corpus Christi, TX

  • Most helpful were the therapy techniques for successful generative outcomes. LAMP and Unity software is absolutely an amazing combination. It is an unmatched tool for children with ASD and communication impairments!

    Meredith Potts, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Victoria, TX

  • "I learned how effective 'high tech' AT devices can be with what I've considered severe autistic students. In the past I have not gone beyond PECs and visual schedules."

    Joan Carson, SLP

    El Paso, TX

  • "I learned an approach that I can not only use with children who have ASD, but it can be generalized to other populations."

    Melissa Mathews, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Austin, TX

  • "It far exceeded my expectations!! It was great! I left with renewed inspiration at the potential of AAC to help my students."

    Marsha Brand, SLP

    El Paso, TX

  • "I learned the potential for real communication with students with autism."

    Dawn Stahlberg

    Conway, AR

  • "I came with a parent and this was a terrific presentation for her. It really covered some basics of communication that gave great insight into language development."

    Mary Nel, SLP

    Loveland, CO

  • "I learned how language is developed and how to facilitate such development" and "that language is an experience rather than just an auditory function."

    Somer Heskett, Special Education Teacher

    Phoenix, AZ

  • "So much useful information for all students on caseload, with or without device!"

    Collen Holman

    Rochester, NY

  • "It reaffirmed the importance of being child-centered and to use movement; also to always respond. I came out of here with new ideas on how to advance device skills."

    Megan Tadvick, SLPA

    Glendale, AZ

  • "This training has given me new vision and hope for my families and children I work with. It has served to solidify why I am passionate about AAC and that my belief in its purpose and possibilities are endless."

    Sara Schultz

    Pascagoula, MS

  • "Your desire to teach language inspired me to search my teaching techniques for children in general, especially those with autism. Very good information and insight into autism. I will endeavor to implement more open ended questions and try to always find the joy first!"

    Darlene Leonard, Special Education Teacher

    Tanner, AL

  • "Overall excellent presentation - extremely valuable and informative. Thank you!! I will recommend this training to my colleagues."

    Robyn Hennessy, SLP

    Coon Rapids, MN