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High Marks

Kathy says, "I don't know if the light bulb would have ever come on for the communication to kick in for Max without the Vantage. Now, he's just amazing."

Nancy agrees: "Without the machine, I feel like he could have become one of those lost kids I've seen in the past years, who become aggressive because nobody understands them."

Kathy admits this is high praise - especially from her. "At first I thought it would be a crutch. Why should he talk when this would do it for him? But it's the way it's designed - he gets it. There's a picture to go with the word and he knows what the symbols on the keys stand for; he understands," she adds.

In fact, Theresa says her son knows the machine so well he learned to unlock the password-protected screen parents utilize for maintenance. "One day he was practicing with it and he came into the room and showed us the screen - he had gotten in the 'back door' and was playing with things he wasn't supposed to have access to. I think he did it just to show us he could."

What Max will do and learn next is an exciting wait-and-see time for those who love and care for him.

Kathy says "I think it may open up another world that maybe we're not aware he can function in. I think sometimes we put limitations on the kids. Maybe because of the communication skills he's already developed he'll use that device to do something to blow us all away. Again."